Date Published: 
Wednesday, 4 May, 2016

Singapore Iron Academy 2016

The Singapore Iron Academy was held on Saturday 5th March 2016 and was attended by 43 participants. The meeting was designed to raise awareness about iron deficiency and its clinical consequences, diagnosis and treatment options, and to propose further medical activities focusing on iron deficiency in the country and the region.

The meeting commenced with a plenary session providing an overview of iron deficiency, including a presentation by Professor Satish Keshav, looking at the different treatment approaches. Presentations by Associate Professor Carolyn Lam and Professor David Ong followed, who presented on the magnitude of iron deficiency in Singapore and the practicalities of iron therapy in Singapore, respectively.

After the plenary session a series of breakout sessions followed, which included:

  • What can be expected from iron therapy in patient blood management?
    Dr Lee Shir Ying
  • The new paradigm of iron therapy in gastrointestinal bleeding
    Professor Satish Keshav
  • Iron therapy as the new therapeutic target of heart failure
    Dr Daniel Yeo
  • Updates on iron therapy in chronic kidney disease – synergy with erythropoiesis stimulating agents
    Professor Lina Choong

The event was accredited by the Singapore medical council, and was deemed hugely successful. Many attendees felt that such events should be held 2-4 times per year, with sessions of particular interest including the role of iron therapy in heart failure and the practical aspects of iron therapy.